We’re Closing Down.

After more than 15 years operating Ringwood Sewing Centre (formerly Michelle’s Sewing Basket), we have decided to take a step back and ease into semi-retirement.  We have had a fabulous time owning this business, and as you are aware we have been actively seeking a buyer for the business since January this year.  However we have not been successful in finding a buyer, and so we have made the decision to close our doors. We will be having an enormous closing down sale and must sell everything including stock, fixtures and fittings.  We are trading profitably and our decision to close is not because of any financial problems or hardship.

Michelle and I are looking forward to a different pace of life, free of the constraints of owning a bricks and mortar business.  We will not fully retire for some time because we will be commencing our new business Spot On Travel in late October 2017. We are very excited about our new business venture particularly since we have aligned ourselves with a leading International Travel Group, and anticipate being able to combine our own passion for travel with a more flexible business model.

Closing Down Sale

We will be closed on MONDAY 3 JULY to allow us time to empty out our stock room and get everything ready for the sale.

Our Closing Down Sale will commence on Thursday 6 July and continue until everything is sold.

In addition to selling all our stock at HUGE DISCOUNTS, we need to sell all our fixtures and fittings, including display stock, slat wall, shelves, furniture, computers, kitchen equipment, chairs, tables and so on.

All prices are negotiable, and no reasonable offer will be refused.

Let’s go out with a bang!