Warranty, Servicing and Repairs

We would like to make sure all our customers are aware of the process for getting support once we close our doors.  We have always valued your loyalty and want to make sure that you are not worried or concerned about how you will find support for any machine purchased from our shop.

We do not yet know when we will be closing, and it is quite likely we will still be selling stock for another month or so.  However, it is important that you print this email and keep it handy!  We will also post this information on a blog on our website.

Until we close, you should contact us FIRST if you have any problems with a machine that was bought from us and is still under warranty.  We are also still accepting machines for Servicing.  If your machine requires REPAIRS there is a chance that these might not be completed before we close, so read the following information.


We are still accepting machines for servicing.  Our technicians are David and Tess Godfrey, and they have provided us with excellent service for many years.  David is an exceptional technician and regarded in the industry as one of Australias most skilful, experienced and trained.  His wife Tess is also a highly skilled technician and they are an awesome team!  As we get a better idea of when we will be actually closing we will advise customers and stop accepting machines for servicing.

Once we close, we highly recommend that you have your machines serviced by David and Tess.  They work from home, and you will need to deliver and collect your machine from their home workshop. Their contact details are:
D&T Godfrey (Dave & Tess)
Tel (business hours) 9723 4554
Mob 0412 765 273
14 Birkenhead Drive, Kilsyth VIC 3137

We recommend you phone Dave and Tess before going to their home because they may not be in!


If your machine requires repairs, particularly if it requires PARTS you can still drop it off at the shop.  However, we cannot know if the machine will be repaired before we close our doors for the last time.  Therefore it is important that you consider this, and take into account that you might have to collect the machine directly from Dave and Tess.


The machines we sell are all covered by manufacturers warranty.  Until we close, we are responsible for organising any warranty repairs.  We always use David Godfrey for these.  If your machine comes to us, and is not ready before we close our doors we will contact you with a progress update, and ensure you have David’s contact details.


Each of our suppliers has advised us that if you have a WARRANTY claim you will need to contact them directly.

Bernina Australia Tel 02 9899 1188
Pfaff Tel 02 4337 3700
Husqvarna Viking Tel 02 4337 3700
Singer Tel 02 4337 3700
Handi Quilter Tel 02 4337 3700
AccuQuilt Tel 02 4337 3700
Janome Tel 03 8586 3100

Whenever possible customers are always advised to keep the packaging from their machine so that it can be freighted to the manufacturer’s own service department if required.