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Bridging Guide

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Create the look of Spanish Hemstitching also known as Fagoting.  

The Bridging Guide is available in widths of 3 and 5 mm. It is used to create wonderful hemstitched effects and guarantees that the distance between the two fabric edges is always consistent.

1. Use the standard presser foot and insert the guide in the small hole on the front edge of the needle plate.
2. Press the seam allowance to the wrong side on both pieces.
3. Place the two pressed pieces on each side of the Bridging Guide right side up. Sew the fabric edges together with the bridging stitch on your Pfaff machine. The bridging guide allows you to sew the edges at a consistent distance; with a hemstitched effect.

TIP: It´s important to select a stitch that will catch the fabric on both sides. Heavy threads give a hand-stitched look to your finished project.

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