How to Make a Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

You will need

4 x 4” strips of Nursery Print Fabric for the blocks.
4 x 4” strips of Print and Plain Fabrics for the blocks.
1 x 4” strip of “Control” fabric,
a colour that stands out and is not the same as the other “plain colours”.
1 x 10” strip Yellow fabric for the inner border.
1 x 16” strip of Patchwork fabric for the outer border
1.5m Wadding.
100% cotton thread
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler Sewing machine

For the Borders
2” x 42” strips for the Inner Border.
4” x 42” strips for the outer border.


Note all seams are 1/4”.

Using three different fabrics, sew one strip of Nursery Fabric and one strip of plain fabric together, right sides together. Repeat with a third strip (a Nursery Print). Press the completed units, with the seams toward the darkest fabric. You need to make a total of two of these strip sets.

Sew one more strip set, using A Plain/Print Fabric, the Control fabric, and A Plain/Print Fabric.

Now from each of these units, using your rotary cutter and mat, cross cut into units 4” wide. This will look like three 4” squares sewn together.

Create 9 Patch blocks by sewing one strip from set 1, one strip from set two, and one set from set 1. You should now have a nine patch block. Make 9 Blocks in total.





Using your rotary cutter, ruler and mat, cut each of these 9 patch blocks through the centre, twice to make four new squares.






Rotate the top left and bottom right square so that the “control” fabric is to the outside edge of the group.








Sew these four squared together to form a new block.

Your quilt is made up of three rows of three blocks. One block will be left over. Sew the quilt centre.

Measure the centre of the quilt, and trim and sew the borders.

Add backing fabric and wadding and quilt as desired.