How to use Ezi Lease to get your new Machine now!

You can have the machine you want today, without using you own cash to buy it.

Ezilease is simple to use, with the application process taking just minutes.

To use Ezilease to purchase online, you will need to make a note of the machine’s details and price.  You will be charged shipping separately, because this will not be covered by Ezilease, and will be a direct expense to you.  Then simply call Ezilease 1300 394 532.

Once your application is approved, telephone or email the shop to confirm that your Ezilease is ready to begin with the Ezilease reference number.  Some Easilease documents will need to be signed, and they will talk to you about this.  Once we receive back these documents, our staff will then organise shipping to you.

If the machine you wish to purchase is listed as a “Sale” or “Clearance” item, telephone or email the shop to put a hold on the machine while you proceed to make an application with Ezilease.

Frequently Asked Questions ….

How do I get approved?

Approval is done over the phone. Ezilease does not ask our customers to complete written application forms or type out an application on line.

How long does the approval process take? Generally a customer will be approved, over the phone, within 5 to 10 minutes.

How do I make payments? Payments can be made via direct debit from an Australian saving or cheque account or via credit card.

Do I keep the equipment at after my instalments are all made? At the end of your finance term you are given the option to make an offer to transfer ownership of the equipment or you can upgrade to the latest equipment.

Can I pay it off earlier?

Ezilease contracts clearly state the number of payments you are required to make and the amount of each payment. If you wish to pay your Ezilease contract off earlier than the contracted term please call 1300 394 532 for details.

Ezilease is only to available to approved Australian Residents.

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