5 Steps to Keep Your Sewing Machine Healthy

No one likes to be without their machine! Breakdowns always happen at the worst times, when you have something urgent to finish. We’d like to help you to keep your machine in great health with these 5 easy steps …


Always brush or blow your machine’s bobbin area clean after you finish your session of sewing. Don’t use your breath to do this because the moisture in your breath can damage your machine, cans of “air” are inexpensive and a great way of keeping everything dust free.


Never wind more than one thread onto a bobbin. Grabbing a half full bobbin and winding a different thread on it will cause the bobbin to crush and distort. Over a period of time, this will cause poor tension on your machine.


If you use your machine for Machine Embroidery a lot, every few years ask your technician to check and see if the top tension discs need to be replaced. The high speed of stitching and the frequent use of abrasive metallic thread will cause wear and tear on the discs at a quicker rate than normal sewing. It is not an expensive repair and will restore perfect tension to your machine.


Always remove your top thread by snipping it at the spool and pulling the thread through the needle and off the machine. This means you will not drag dust from the needle area back up through the tensions.


Have your machine serviced by a qualified technician every 12-18 months.